Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Make Aimee's beady necklace.

What you need.

1. A peice of string.

2. Some beads of all colours.

What do you do.

1. First you get the string. Tie at knot at one end.

2. Next you get the beads of all colours.

3. Start threading the beads on from the hole in the bead.

4. Tie the ends,  put it on and see what you look like.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011


At Discovery School Room 10 went swimming When we got there we got on our togs and got in the pool. We had to hold on to the rail and do some tests. Room 10 did some kicking and some breathing. First we did free style then we did back stroke and the last thing that we had to do was dolphins. Then we got out and got dried. Then we put on our clothes and got in the car and went to school.

By Harry


Her  hair  is  as  brown  as  silver  bells  and  cockle  shells. She  is  as   kind   as  the  wind .She  is    as  pretty  as  a  princess . Her  job  is  to  be  my  friend . She  is  the  best  friend  I  have ever  had. 

BY KATELYN                                                                                                

How To Brush Your Teeth

What you need.
1.tooth brush.
2.tooth paste.

1.First you get your tooth paste and put it on the tooth brush.

2.Next you brush all  around your teeth until they're nice and clean.

3.Finally you rinse your teeth with water.

                                                            BY RYAN

Swimming on Monday

On Monday we, Room10, went swimming. We each went in a car. I  went in Bridget's car.and we went swimming. At swimming I did backstroke and freestyle and dolphins. To do dolphins you go up and down.

          BY  LAITON. 

How To Clean A Dog. by Isabella

What do you need?
1 A dog
2 A bath tub
4 Shampoo
5 Soap

What do you do?
1. Fill the bath tub with water.
2. Put the soap in the water.
3. Put the dog in the bath.
4. Put shampoo on the dog.
5.  Wash the shampoo off with water.
6. Use a towel to dry the dog off.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Brush Your Teeth

What you need

1. tooth paste
2. tooth brush
3. tap

1.First you get your tooth paste and tooth brush.
2.Put the tooth paste on the tooth brush.
3.Then turn on the tap and put the tooth brush under the tap.
4.Then put the tooth brush in your mouth and scrub your teeth.
5.Then spit it out and rinse your mouth out.

by Benji

Instructions for making Jesper's nice milo


2c milk
2t milo
1 biscuit
2 marshmallow


1.Put the milk in separate cups.
2.Put one of the cups of milk in the fluffer.
3.Put the milo in the secound cup.
4.Put the fluffed milk in the 2nd cup. Make sure you shake it well.
5.Put the cup in the microwave and wait.
6. Add the topping and enjoy!

by Jesper

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Instructions for Growing Your Own Flowers .

You need
1.  a seed
2. watering can
3. soil and barkchips
4. pot

First shovel bark into a pot.
Next pour soil on top of the bark.
After that poke a hole into the soil, not too big or small.
Next cover up the whole.
Now pour water above the covered hole.
Finally put the pot into a  shady spot.

By Hayden Verhoeven and special thanks to MS ROGERS for showing room10 how to plant  SEEDS. YOU ROX!!!! you're number 1!
                                                                               DON'T LEAVE IT OUT  TOO  LONG!

How to Give Sunny Water

What we need

1 water container
2 water
3 cage

What we do

Step 1  Carefully slide the water container off the cage .

Step 2  Clean the water container.

Step 3  Fill the container up with water.

Step 4  Slide the water container back on the cage.

by Mikala

How To Make a Beautiful Necklace

What you need:
  • a piece of string a bit longer than your neck
  • some pretty beads
  • a parent to help you
Step one:  Cut a piece of string a bit longer than your neck tie it at the end.
Step two: Put your pretty beads on your piece of  string. Tie a knot at the end of  your beaded string
Step three: Give your necklace to your parent helper to tie it onto you

By Bethany

Friday, May 6, 2011

How To Feed A Dog

You need
1 a dog bowl
2 dog food
3 a dog
4 a cup

Step1 Find a flat place to put the bowl down.
Step2 Put about 1 or 1 and a half cups of dog food into the dog bowl.
Step3 Wait for the dog to come and eat up it's food.
           If the dog won't eat it's food put a treat in the bottom of the dog bowl.
            Never let the dog eat your food.
                                                 By Anna Shaw

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yesterday before lunch time my reading group & me were reading a story about how to make glue.
At lunch time I got out my sketching book & wrote down the ingredients.
When I got home I showed Mum my sketching book & got out the ingredients that we needed.
What you need:
1. bowl.
2. ( hot) water.
4. fork.
5. a jar
step1 get your bowl and fill it up with hot water.
step2 get some flour & put one cup to put in your bowl.
step3 grab a fork and stir your mixture.
step4 once your glue is nice and gluey poor it into a jar and take it to school tomorrow.

and thats how I made glue.
THURSDAY 5th May 2011