Friday, August 26, 2011

Boneyard snow fun!!!

With a early wake and a long drive I loved yesterday because we got to go to the MOUNTAIN to ski on the slopes!

At 4:00 in the morning we started to drive to Turoa (Mount Ruapheu) an hour later I was asleep like a owl in the day,I was so tiredbut so exicting at the same time.  

After falling asleep we got to Taihapi Mc Donalds I got a B,L,T and a orange juice it was yum but we couldn`t go inside because it was closed but we still went to the drivethrough. 

About three hours later we were at the mountain.  We got our gear and hurried of to the Boneyard "I`m not looking forard to this" I said to my mum...

....but at the end I ended up wanting to do it again but my mum wasto scared to do it.

It was an AWESOME day at the slopes!
By Bethany


Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr James Is On a Cloud Risking His Life!!!

Once upon a time there was a man called Mr James and he was a principal.  

One day when he was watering his plants the wind came up and took him up to a beautiful,  fluffy,  white cloud, he could hardly believe his eyes! When he got to the cloud he jumped onto it, it didn`t break but somehow it rained it`s water out underneath him. "It was amazing up here",  he said to himself.

There were walls,beds,windows and even dolls in dolls houses. There was just one problem- he was risking his life in the air!!! "How will I get down?", he thought, "How will I get back to earth and watering my new garden?"

Then suddenly the cloud broke! "AHH!" Mr James screamed ....but nothing got hurt! He landed in his garden holding the hose again. But he wasn`t watering his flowers, instead he was getting himself wet ! So he went inside, got his togs,cap and goggles, and put all of them in his swimming bag because he was going to the swimming pool for a swim with the waves and the bumpy hydroslide. Then he saw a blow up boat floating by so he got onto it.

"This is an incredible holiday!!!" he said in an excited voice to the lifeguard..

By Bethany 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toys, Games and Puppets

This term for inquiry learning we've been learning all about toys. We've looked a what a toy is and what sorts of toys there are, We've graphed our favourite toys and found that the most popular sorts of favourite toy in room 10 are soft toys. We photographed our special toys and wrote stories about them.

Last week we made sets of mancala, a very ancient board game, out of egg cartons, yoghurt pots, paint and glitter. Next week we are going to gift 10 games to the junior classes and teach them how to play.

Last week we also started learning about puppets, a sort of toy that can be used to act out stories. So far we've made rod puppets, finger puppets and 'tickle' puppets, puppets that use our fingers as their legs. Next we'll make string puppets, balloon puppets and have a go at making marionettes.

Today we made up stories and used our puppets to present them to the class. We had to think up a beginning, a middle and an ending for our stories. We had to remember to face the audience, to make our voices clear, to know our parts really well and to try to keep ourselves hidden while the puppets were on stage.

We used this PotterPuppetPals puppet show as inspiration for a quality puppet presentation.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School Snow Day At Paremata School

It's Monday the 14th.

It is snowing really hard and room10 and room11 went out to play in the snow.  Room10 and room11 all got lots of  snow on their heads and now they are going to wirte a story about the snow.

The snow was like a snow monster and it is as cold as a ice block and I want it to keep snowing so we can play snow games like a snowball fight and play in the snow at lunch.

                                                       BY BENJI

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Favourite Toy. By Abby

My favourite toy is called Froggy he's a soft toy and i've had  him for 8 years.
It's made of cotten, fluff and wool.
My aunty gace him to me.
He's cuddly, cute, soft, lovely, loveble and precious.
He feels fluffy, soft and light.
He's as light green as grass and as dark green as a leaf and a stiched up mouth.
A toy is something you play with he can be in any game a family game, a pet game, any game.
He's my favourite toy because he jingles and he's perfect for me.

Afternoon Snow Report

It's Monday the 15th of August today and here is the big news.

I'm in Paremata right now and we had some awesome snow.
I was in class and then it suddenly started snowing!
Ms Rogers said we could go outside to play in the snow for a bit but then she quickly called us inside to get warm.

We got to stand by the heater until we got warm but then we quickly hurried away back to our writing.
Our writing didn't last for long though because then one by one we all started to go up by the window to watch the snow fall.


On Saturday I went to Laiton's party. First Me, Ryan,Ben, Sean, Laiton and Sam went to H20X.When we played in the pool we had some food. Then we went back in to the pool and played tag. We went down the slide we were going really really REALLY REALLY fast!!!! but the blue slide wasn't  as fast as the black slide. When we were getting ready Ben, Laiton, Sean and Sam where being silly but me and Ryan were just getting washed and getting ready. Then when every one come out of the changing room we went back to Laiton's house and had some yummy fish and chips. yum yum. Later on we watched Transformers 2 after that we went to bed. In the morning we had up & go and pan cakes. Then my dad came to picked me up from Laiton's house. It was really fun!!!!!!

My Wonderful, Winter Weekend! By Abby Pym.

What a great weekend I had.
First me and Hannah were playing a game then we opened the curtains and it was snowing!
It felt like icicles because it was ice.
We ate some, made a mini ice man on the BBQ, had a snow ball fight and sat in the snow.
I screamed out "SNOW!" My hands were frozen.
It was awesome, it was like a winter wonderland.
After the snow I had a hot chocolate.
It was the best snow day ever!

Monday, August 15, 2011

SNOW by Mikala

On Sunday the 14Th of August . It was the time for the snow to come to Wellington. Me and my sister got our raincoats, gumboots and hats on. We ran outside with a big grin on our faces. First we had a snow ball fight.

We also built a half of a snow man but we  couldn't build the rest because it got ran over by the car in the morning. Then Shane came out and helped to get  more snow from the front yard , because there were huge amounts of snow there.

After that Charlotte from after school care came along. She threw lots of snow balls at us. I tried to throw some at her but my throw was as weak as a turtle, so Shane threw them for me .

Then '' FLASH! '' on went the sensor light so we walked inside. That was the best snow evening ever!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Sister. By Abby Pym

My sister is called Hannah and she has three jobs.
She has to feed the cats, set the table and tidy up.
Hannah loves to play on the trampoline after school and if it's raining we play a family game.
Her eyes are as brown as a bear. 
Her hair is as brown as hazel nut chocolate.
Her freckles are like little fairy kisses.
Her cheeks are as red as a rose.
Her lips are as pink as a pink pansie.
Her favourite clothes are her white t-shirt with flowers and her blue shorts.
I love her and she loves me!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to Term 3 in Room 10!

Today we had a great first day back after 2 weeks holiday. We caught up with each other again, met our new principal, Mr Coleman, and wrote all about our holidays.

This afternoon the class met Noddy although no-one knew at first that that was his name. He belonged to Steve, Ms Rogers husband, and was his favourite toy when he was little. That got us thinking about our favourite toys so we drew pictures of them and wrote down why they are so special to us.

Over the next few weeks the class will be investigating all sorts of different toys from modern times, older times and other places. We will have a go at designing and making toys. During the term we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you.