Friday, August 26, 2011

Boneyard snow fun!!!

With a early wake and a long drive I loved yesterday because we got to go to the MOUNTAIN to ski on the slopes!

At 4:00 in the morning we started to drive to Turoa (Mount Ruapheu) an hour later I was asleep like a owl in the day,I was so tiredbut so exicting at the same time.  

After falling asleep we got to Taihapi Mc Donalds I got a B,L,T and a orange juice it was yum but we couldn`t go inside because it was closed but we still went to the drivethrough. 

About three hours later we were at the mountain.  We got our gear and hurried of to the Boneyard "I`m not looking forard to this" I said to my mum...

....but at the end I ended up wanting to do it again but my mum wasto scared to do it.

It was an AWESOME day at the slopes!
By Bethany


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