Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr James Is On a Cloud Risking His Life!!!

Once upon a time there was a man called Mr James and he was a principal.  

One day when he was watering his plants the wind came up and took him up to a beautiful,  fluffy,  white cloud, he could hardly believe his eyes! When he got to the cloud he jumped onto it, it didn`t break but somehow it rained it`s water out underneath him. "It was amazing up here",  he said to himself.

There were walls,beds,windows and even dolls in dolls houses. There was just one problem- he was risking his life in the air!!! "How will I get down?", he thought, "How will I get back to earth and watering my new garden?"

Then suddenly the cloud broke! "AHH!" Mr James screamed ....but nothing got hurt! He landed in his garden holding the hose again. But he wasn`t watering his flowers, instead he was getting himself wet ! So he went inside, got his togs,cap and goggles, and put all of them in his swimming bag because he was going to the swimming pool for a swim with the waves and the bumpy hydroslide. Then he saw a blow up boat floating by so he got onto it.

"This is an incredible holiday!!!" he said in an excited voice to the lifeguard..

By Bethany 

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