About Room 10

Who are we?
We are still discussing what information we want to add here. Watch this space, we will add to it soon.

Why do we have a class blog?
We spent a lot of time last week talking in our groups about why we want to blog. Here are some of our ideas.

  • We want people all over the world to see us and our work
  • So people can see what a great job we've done
  • We want to be famous
  • It's fun, easy and quick
  • To let people around the world know what we're doing and what's happening in class 
  • To show people how to do things like make collages
  • We can put fun stuff on our blog
  • We think people around the world may want to see where we are and what we have
  • To share our ideas
  • To communicate and cooperate with other people in other countries
We decided it all came down to two important ideas. Our blog helps us to SHARE and to COMMUNICATE! We would love to have buddy classes all over the world. If you are interested in communicating with us we would love to write back.