Friday, December 16, 2011

Harry potter

Harry is a nice boy who has a lightening scar on his four head. Harry lives with the dursleys. The dursleys are bossy to Harry but nice to their son dudley. Harry has an owl called hedwig. Harry potter is a wizard who goes to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardey. hes really brave. His best freinds at Hogwarts are Ron wesley, Fred and George wesley, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom. Harry wears glasses. Ron says Harry's scar is wicked. At hogwarts school of wichcraft and wizardey is someone called Drayco Malfoy. He's mean and bossy to Harry like dudley. Draco has white hair and sounds crazy. At hogwarts school people fly broomsticks and do some traning with a lady called madarm hooch. She has spikey white hair with yellow eyes. When they know how to ride broomsticks they can play a broomstick game called Quidditch.  It`s really cool.  At Hogwarts there is a caretaker called Filch and he`s got a whitey grey cat. Harry has lernt lots o spells at Hogwarts. There is an evil wizard called voldamort and his evil army of wiches. There are groups. Griffindor, Slitharn, Huffelpuff and Ravenclaw. Harry and his freinds are in griffindor. Harry likes going on adventures alot. Fred and George are twin brothers. Harry and Ron and the rest of Griffindor people sleep in Giffindor tower. They sleep in different rooms. Harry and Ron sleep in the same room. Harry has a nice man who is bigger then Dumbledor and he's called Hagrid. Hagrid helps them when they go to his hut. In front of his hut is a little garden full of pumkins and black birds. Dumbledor is the head master of Hogwarts school. Dumbledor has a big berd from his chin to his feet.Harry is Voldermorts worst enemy ever. Harry potter rules!                  

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