Thursday, December 15, 2011

My dad.

My dad is the best dad a kid could have. He is a very good cook he can cook the chef of the best restaurant in the world. My dad can surf like a pro and he can tell jokes like a comedian.

My dad has really curly black hair as curly as a snails shell. He is as tall as a skyscaper. My dad has got lots freckles all over his face.

On sunday morning my dad likes french toast, banana, strawberries, cream, bacon and orange juice. He loves to go the beach and swim in the sea, He likes to build sand castles and deep holes in the ground.

\Sometimes my dad gives me and my sister Hayley big hugs. He loves to come to my hockey games and my athletics. My dad likes to come to my school trip.

To me my dad shines like a star because he is succesful with his job in engineering. My dad is agood rugby player because he did it a few year ago. He is very friendly and kind also smart. I love my dad and my dad loves me.

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