Friday, December 16, 2011

Harry potter

Harry is a nice boy who has a lightening scar on his four head. Harry lives with the dursleys. The dursleys are bossy to Harry but nice to their son dudley. Harry has an owl called hedwig. Harry potter is a wizard who goes to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardey. hes really brave. His best freinds at Hogwarts are Ron wesley, Fred and George wesley, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom. Harry wears glasses. Ron says Harry's scar is wicked. At hogwarts school of wichcraft and wizardey is someone called Drayco Malfoy. He's mean and bossy to Harry like dudley. Draco has white hair and sounds crazy. At hogwarts school people fly broomsticks and do some traning with a lady called madarm hooch. She has spikey white hair with yellow eyes. When they know how to ride broomsticks they can play a broomstick game called Quidditch.  It`s really cool.  At Hogwarts there is a caretaker called Filch and he`s got a whitey grey cat. Harry has lernt lots o spells at Hogwarts. There is an evil wizard called voldamort and his evil army of wiches. There are groups. Griffindor, Slitharn, Huffelpuff and Ravenclaw. Harry and his freinds are in griffindor. Harry likes going on adventures alot. Fred and George are twin brothers. Harry and Ron and the rest of Griffindor people sleep in Giffindor tower. They sleep in different rooms. Harry and Ron sleep in the same room. Harry has a nice man who is bigger then Dumbledor and he's called Hagrid. Hagrid helps them when they go to his hut. In front of his hut is a little garden full of pumkins and black birds. Dumbledor is the head master of Hogwarts school. Dumbledor has a big berd from his chin to his feet.Harry is Voldermorts worst enemy ever. Harry potter rules!                  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My dad.

My dad is the best dad a kid could have. He is a very good cook he can cook the chef of the best restaurant in the world. My dad can surf like a pro and he can tell jokes like a comedian.

My dad has really curly black hair as curly as a snails shell. He is as tall as a skyscaper. My dad has got lots freckles all over his face.

On sunday morning my dad likes french toast, banana, strawberries, cream, bacon and orange juice. He loves to go the beach and swim in the sea, He likes to build sand castles and deep holes in the ground.

\Sometimes my dad gives me and my sister Hayley big hugs. He loves to come to my hockey games and my athletics. My dad likes to come to my school trip.

To me my dad shines like a star because he is succesful with his job in engineering. My dad is agood rugby player because he did it a few year ago. He is very friendly and kind also smart. I love my dad and my dad loves me.

My mum by Macey

My mum smell's like a bunch of beauiful pohutakawa's in the sunset with a cool breeze. My mum mean's a lot to me no mater what happens to her I'll alwase be there for her NO MATER WHAT! I love my mum so much I love her more than anybody in the entire world. My mum is as beautiful as a princess she is the best mum I ever had. I sometimes get mad at her but I can get over it. My mum hair is as brown as chocolate and she likes to eat chocolate to. I LOVE MY MUM SHE'S THE BEST MUM EVER HAD!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taylor Allison Swift!

Have you ever heard of a country singer who sings like she`s crazy, well I already have!
Taylor Swift looks like a blooming flower in the spring warmth. (sun)  Taylor`s beautiful hair is as blond as Anna`s hair and as curly as the sea`s waves.  Her clothes are as stunning as her own self .  This WONDERFUL young lady`s eyes are not like any other singers eyes they are individual blue eyes just like Wellington rain.
Taylor Swift is certainly from America because thats how she sounds on her C.Ds, itunes and on the radio.(Of course!!)
This country singers favourite hobbies to do are to go boating, SING and to watch lots of movies. I think I am just like her.
Her personality is is kind because because she sounds like it.  She is also caring and joyful to sing along to. BUT MOSTLY HER PERSONALITY IS BRIGHT!!!
Taylor is successful on her awesome singing and her fabulous video clips too.
Taylor was born on the 13th of December 1989-bet you didn`t know that!
Taylor`s favourite thing to sing about is love and I didn`t know I`d say this but her favourite song is "Can`t tell me nothin" by Tim Mcgraw.  I thought her favourite song would be one of her own. So it`s very weird thinking about that.
She is 5`11 feet tall.
The Swift`s currently live in a beautiful home in Wyomissing in Teneessee but Taylor was born in Wyomissing in Pennsylvsa.
Plus her favourite colour is white. I think it is very weird because most people like purple, red, yellow, green or blue and all sorts of other mixed colours.
I feel happy and very excited when I hear her music.
Taylor is the best country singer I could think of!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Aimee! by Isabella.

Do  you know this girl called Aimee?
She has blue eyes and brown hair with a blond streak underneath.
Her favorite food is sausages.
Aimees favorite colour is purple.
Aimee's favorite subject at her house is playing on her computer.
Her favorite nailpolish is blue with glitter.
Aimee's succsessful  because she is a good friend and also a good reader.
Aimee makes me feel happy because she is kind and caring.
This why Aimee is a good friend.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

my best sport day

Today we had a speciqal sport day in the hall for me, Izack, Lachlan, Hayden, Brittany, James and big Isaac.  I did a jelly race frisbee basket ball and jumping and I came first. Mr Coleman, room 10, 11, 9, 8 and 3 came to watch. It was lots of fun. I got a certificate.  I am going to show mum and dad when I get home after school. By Alex Drake.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sunny is a budgie. She likes to eat seeds and drink water. She got lots of toys to play with and she is yellow. She lives in a big cage in room10. She is happy and pretty. She likes to churp. She likes to look at her self in the mirror. By Alex Drake.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alex's Hollooween

I like halloween because I made a halloween pumpkin.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Gala by Alex

On Saturday my mum and I came to the Paremata School gala. I was in the police car. I drove the car by the big  fort and I went to the bouncey castle. I helped pump up all the balloons.    

Monday, October 10, 2011

Here is an ad for the Rugby World Cup, made by Mikala and Alexandra

Wave TV Episode 3!

This is up now on the school website. Follow this link to find out what our wonderful students have been up to.
Wave TV Episode 3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to Make a Book Mark! By AY

You need:
  • Some cardboard
  • Felts
  • Glue
  • Decorations
  • A pencil
  • A black marker
  • Some stickers if you don't have any decorations
Step 1
Grab a piece of cardboard.

Step 2
Draw something on your cardboard, something amazing so it will stand out.

Step 3
Go over the pencil with the black marker so it's darker.

Step 4
Put some glue on the back of your decorations or put some stickers on

Step 5
stick on your decorations or stickers onto your piece of cardboard.

Step 6
Wait for it to dry.

Step 7
Put your bookmark into your book and ENJOY!

How To Make A Cat Mask

You will need:
A paper plate
Coloured paper 
 PVA Glue
six strips of black paper

Step one.Glue the coloured paper to the paper plate and let it dry for ten minutes.

Step two.Poke two eye holes in the middle of the paper plate with the scissors.

Step three.Use the glue to glue on three stripes of black paper on each side of the cat mask and let it dry for five minutes.

Step four. Enjoy!

Best day ever at Nga Manu

On Wenesday the eighth of June 2011 the Paremata Science group year 3 and 4 went to Kapiti  Coast  Museum  and Nga Manu by car.

First we went too Kapiti Coast Museum, we played the Piano, it was fun!

Then we went to Nga Manu and got to touch a Tuatara. It was smooth and bumpy.

Next we ate some morning tea than met Pat that was going to do the feeding tour with us except for the eel tour.

We fed a lot of birds, and we fed Tuatara ,and mice .

Some of the birds landed on our heads it was FREAKY .

At the end of the day we went to the eels and all of us touched an eel ''it was slimy''

It was a long  way to Paremata school I felt a bit car sick but I'm all right.

Rocking Rooster by Ryan

The Thunderstorms made a rocking rooster last week in Room10.

First we painted the plate then we let the rocking rooster dry for a day or two days. Then we cut the mohawk and beak and coloured them in with orange or yellow.

After it dried we folded the plate in half. Then we stapled the beak on the rocking rooster and the mohawk on the rocking rooster.

Then get some glue and stick the feathers on the rocking rooster and get real feathers and put them on the rocking rooster.

Finally it's ready to go and it rocked  really well.

                                        by Ryan

How To Look After A Budgie By Aimee

Firstly you have to get a cage, some food and a beak sharperner for the budgie to sharpen his or her beak. Put two, one, three, four or five toys into the cage for the budgie to play with.
Secondly you buy the budgie but make sure all the windows and doors are closed.
Then you put the budgie into the cage inside the house.
Next you make sure that the budgie is safe.
Facts about the budgie. A budgie is a type of bird. It can't look after itself. It likes humans.


Snow attack ! hayden

Snow attack.
      Wow what an amazing Sunday I had !
In the evening as I  was playing playstaition ( or ps2 for short )
All of a sudden the power went out. I got out  the spare candles and I pulled back the curtains & saw the most amazing site .It was snowing  in Aotea for the first time ever.

Not just Aotea but ... Papokowhai, Paremata, Abbey way, Pukarua Bay,Whitby. All  over New Zeland it was snowing.

Jozua, Anika and I ran outside, started  snowballs and threw them. I made a GIANT  snowball and was going to throw  it at the window but it hit the camera instead.

                                                                   SNOW ATTACK! part 2
At 11 : 30 am on the 15.8.11  (Monday 15 of August ) it started to sleet.The sleek is very small snow.
NOW at 2:30 pm at Paremata School. It's hailing snow and room 10 is saying "IT'S SNOWING!''
The degrees have been 0, 3, 8,9, 5 .
The end of.........SNOW ATTACK weather report written by Hayden.v

Adventure Snow Day At Paramata School By Macey

The snow is as deep as a length pool. I feel as funny  as a clown holding ice. I feel frozen like a statue. It is fun. Snow is as white as a puffy cloud. The snowflakes look so beautiful like the sunset. I love the snow it make's me excited. I don't know how to tell you- that's how much I love the snow. It is awesome! If you have taken photos good job. Go to the photo shop now come on quickly if you do it now you will never forget! Take a photo of the sky it look's interesting for me because it looks like gumballs falling from the sky. I like it, it's pretty cool. I can't stop thinking about the snow.

Why Is lego cool ?


I  was wondering why is lego so cool. You  know they  come in sets like HEROICO, HARRY.POTTER, NINJAGO, CITY, SPONGEBOB, CARS, ATLANTIS, STARWARS AND MORE! My favourite set is starwars. The charcters are Ahsoka, R2D2, HAN SOLO and LUKE SKYWALKER.

snowy fun by siobhan

On Sunday it started snowing heavily. Mum said that we could go out and play in the snow.So we got on snow pants, snow boots, a snow jacket and gloves.Then we ran outside jumped on the trampoline and started a snow ball fight. It started to get a little boring so I told Conor and he agreed with me so we pretended to ice skate around the tramp but we slipped a few times. Then Catriona and Thomina came out to join in with the fun. Soon Sarah, Johnny, Mark and Mum all came outside to watch us play in the snow on the trampoline. Mummy thought it was great because we were interrupted by the snow and went out to play in it so we didn't cause any naughtiness.
Then she got out her camera and took a photo of us on the trampoline playing in the snow.

My Birthday by Laiton

On saturday it was my birthday. I invited Ryan, Sam, Harry, Sean and Benji. I had a sleep over. Ryan bought me a bay blade and Sam bought bumblebee. We went to H20X. When we got there I went down the black slide. It was pitch dark. That was fun. Then I went down the blue slide. It was as blue like the sea and as blue like the sky. When we came back we had fish and chips

Why we shouldn't have to wear school uniforms. By Anna

People say that uniforms are a great idea, we don't need to choose our clothes and the adults say, our kids don't ask "Is there any washing?", but I say the opposite.

In my opinion school uniforms look weird because you're wearing the same thing as everyone else. I think it looks funny if you're standing there with the whole class wearing them. Imagine if it got so big that your parents had to wear a uniform to drop you off! On picture day I would so not want to have a class photo because the uniforms look silly!

My second reason why I think we shouldn't have to wear a school uniform is because you can't choose what to wear, you have no freedom. For example you might have a new top wich you want to show your friends but you can't because of those silly school uniforms. I must say to those of you who want uniforms wouldn't you get sick of the clothes? I mean, you would be wearing the same thing every day.

My last reason why I think we shouldn't have school uniforms is, because they really are a waste of money and we don't need them. You can wear the clothes your mum's already bought for you instead of wasting more money on a uniform. If you kept on getting your uniform stained you would have to buy more uniforms and you wouldn't have any more money. Lastly if the uniform was too much you wouldn't have any more money to get into the scchool.

Now do you agree with me? 

Why Would we wear a school uniform?

Some people in room 10 think a school uniform would be great! But I think a bit differently.

In my opinion Paremata School should not have to wear a school uniform because we will grow out of them and that won`t be nice to wear anymore. 

My second reason for you is that school uniforms are normally all black and I love my clothes and bright colours... not black!

Thirdly, teachers wear them too! So it`s a bit confusing to know your own teacher and classroom because everybody looks like twins!

My 4th reason is that you would look really weird and silly in the idol because you would be singing or dancing in a school uniform.
-I don`t want to be like that.

So there are some reasons about why we shouldn`t wear a school uniform.
Remember that all teachers!

By Bethany

School Uniform by Siobhan

Some people say that we should  wear school uniform so we don't have search through our drawers for something to wear. In my opinion we should wear school uniforms.

My second reason is you might get your normal clothes dirty and you don't want to come home home with dirty clothes do you ?

How about going to a party in your dirty clothes GROSS! no one will play with you COME ON!!!!!!

If you are going to a party and you are wearing dirty clothes your mum or dad might drive you right there but if you are wearing school uniform you can go home and get changed before it starts.

I think school uniforms are great don't you think? Going to a praty with dirty clothes? Are you crazy people! Go home and and get changed if you're dirty!
Wear school uniform to keep our normal clothes clean!

Casey! By Abby

Before I was born my family had a cat called Casey.
She was a silver tabby and she had green eyes.
She was even alive when my sixteen year old sister was a baby.
I think in cat years she was thirteen and in human years she was seventy three.
When I was three she had a disease and it got really bad so we had to put her down.
When we're out in the garden we always talk to her.

I Think I Should Get A Dog. By Abby

Some people say that a dog is a pest, mucky and dirty but I'm so not like that.
In my opinion I think I should get a dog.
I can take care of the dog, I can take my dog for walks, I bath my dog and feed the dog.
If I'm allowed to I will name my dog, if it's a boy I'll call it Rex and if it's a girl I'll call it Gracy or Hayley.
If my friend has a dog I would make a puppy play day and I will talk to my friend while they play.
I'll play with them too.
So that's why I think I should get a dog.

My Dancy Disco and Snowy Sunday By Alexandra

On Saturday night my dad drove the family to the disco, he stayed!
When I walked in I saw Mikala and Macey, we danced and Macey got a chance to see Courtney my baby sister who is 3 years old.
I bought two packets of lollies to share with my friends Macey and Mikala
Then we had a dance competition, after the dance competition a friend of Milly's won.
I went over to my dad sitting on a chair, I gave him a hug and he whispered I think you were better.
Macey and I ran to get a tattoo, I got two colourful lips that says kiss inside it and a yellow and orange rose.
I  also got two hearts and a bright love tattoo saying LOVE  with a heart beside it.
We danced and danced, when the disco finished Troy, Jessica, Courtney and I raced to sit in the front of the car, Jessica won!
Just before we left my dad asked if he could have three bright, colourful glow sticks so I gave him some to him and he hung them up on the mirror so people knew that we had been to the disco.
On Sunday at 3:00pm my sister was grading, she was grading to her yellow belt .
Before her grading I asked my dad if I could watch her,  My dad said "yes" I gave him a big hug .
Before we drove there I packed some food so I wouldn't starve to death.
When we arrived Jessica got her yellow belt but she wasn't allowed to wear it because she had to do the grading first and get a certificate.
After Jessica's grading it was snowing .
Then people came for Tournament Training I was one of them.
Before the class started we played snowball fights, we keeped on running in and out, in and out until the class started .
After our warm up our sensei ( our teacher ) told us it was to dangerous with all the snow on the Road so we left early but next week we have to do 5:00pm till 8:00pm instead of 5:30pm till 7:30pm.
When we were driving we saw a blue flame and my dad said "Wow that was a Transformer explosion " We drove slowly to our house but the whole neighbourhood had no electricty.
My dad went up our steep drive way to cheek but we didn't have any.
We drove down to my mum's work and told her what had happened .
We had dinner there, we had chips, fish, rice, chicken, vegetables and some soy sauce"yum".

Friday, August 26, 2011

Boneyard snow fun!!!

With a early wake and a long drive I loved yesterday because we got to go to the MOUNTAIN to ski on the slopes!

At 4:00 in the morning we started to drive to Turoa (Mount Ruapheu) an hour later I was asleep like a owl in the day,I was so tiredbut so exicting at the same time.  

After falling asleep we got to Taihapi Mc Donalds I got a B,L,T and a orange juice it was yum but we couldn`t go inside because it was closed but we still went to the drivethrough. 

About three hours later we were at the mountain.  We got our gear and hurried of to the Boneyard "I`m not looking forard to this" I said to my mum...

....but at the end I ended up wanting to do it again but my mum wasto scared to do it.

It was an AWESOME day at the slopes!
By Bethany


Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr James Is On a Cloud Risking His Life!!!

Once upon a time there was a man called Mr James and he was a principal.  

One day when he was watering his plants the wind came up and took him up to a beautiful,  fluffy,  white cloud, he could hardly believe his eyes! When he got to the cloud he jumped onto it, it didn`t break but somehow it rained it`s water out underneath him. "It was amazing up here",  he said to himself.

There were walls,beds,windows and even dolls in dolls houses. There was just one problem- he was risking his life in the air!!! "How will I get down?", he thought, "How will I get back to earth and watering my new garden?"

Then suddenly the cloud broke! "AHH!" Mr James screamed ....but nothing got hurt! He landed in his garden holding the hose again. But he wasn`t watering his flowers, instead he was getting himself wet ! So he went inside, got his togs,cap and goggles, and put all of them in his swimming bag because he was going to the swimming pool for a swim with the waves and the bumpy hydroslide. Then he saw a blow up boat floating by so he got onto it.

"This is an incredible holiday!!!" he said in an excited voice to the lifeguard..

By Bethany 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toys, Games and Puppets

This term for inquiry learning we've been learning all about toys. We've looked a what a toy is and what sorts of toys there are, We've graphed our favourite toys and found that the most popular sorts of favourite toy in room 10 are soft toys. We photographed our special toys and wrote stories about them.

Last week we made sets of mancala, a very ancient board game, out of egg cartons, yoghurt pots, paint and glitter. Next week we are going to gift 10 games to the junior classes and teach them how to play.

Last week we also started learning about puppets, a sort of toy that can be used to act out stories. So far we've made rod puppets, finger puppets and 'tickle' puppets, puppets that use our fingers as their legs. Next we'll make string puppets, balloon puppets and have a go at making marionettes.

Today we made up stories and used our puppets to present them to the class. We had to think up a beginning, a middle and an ending for our stories. We had to remember to face the audience, to make our voices clear, to know our parts really well and to try to keep ourselves hidden while the puppets were on stage.

We used this PotterPuppetPals puppet show as inspiration for a quality puppet presentation.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School Snow Day At Paremata School

It's Monday the 14th.

It is snowing really hard and room10 and room11 went out to play in the snow.  Room10 and room11 all got lots of  snow on their heads and now they are going to wirte a story about the snow.

The snow was like a snow monster and it is as cold as a ice block and I want it to keep snowing so we can play snow games like a snowball fight and play in the snow at lunch.

                                                       BY BENJI

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Favourite Toy. By Abby

My favourite toy is called Froggy he's a soft toy and i've had  him for 8 years.
It's made of cotten, fluff and wool.
My aunty gace him to me.
He's cuddly, cute, soft, lovely, loveble and precious.
He feels fluffy, soft and light.
He's as light green as grass and as dark green as a leaf and a stiched up mouth.
A toy is something you play with he can be in any game a family game, a pet game, any game.
He's my favourite toy because he jingles and he's perfect for me.

Afternoon Snow Report

It's Monday the 15th of August today and here is the big news.

I'm in Paremata right now and we had some awesome snow.
I was in class and then it suddenly started snowing!
Ms Rogers said we could go outside to play in the snow for a bit but then she quickly called us inside to get warm.

We got to stand by the heater until we got warm but then we quickly hurried away back to our writing.
Our writing didn't last for long though because then one by one we all started to go up by the window to watch the snow fall.


On Saturday I went to Laiton's party. First Me, Ryan,Ben, Sean, Laiton and Sam went to H20X.When we played in the pool we had some food. Then we went back in to the pool and played tag. We went down the slide we were going really really REALLY REALLY fast!!!! but the blue slide wasn't  as fast as the black slide. When we were getting ready Ben, Laiton, Sean and Sam where being silly but me and Ryan were just getting washed and getting ready. Then when every one come out of the changing room we went back to Laiton's house and had some yummy fish and chips. yum yum. Later on we watched Transformers 2 after that we went to bed. In the morning we had up & go and pan cakes. Then my dad came to picked me up from Laiton's house. It was really fun!!!!!!

My Wonderful, Winter Weekend! By Abby Pym.

What a great weekend I had.
First me and Hannah were playing a game then we opened the curtains and it was snowing!
It felt like icicles because it was ice.
We ate some, made a mini ice man on the BBQ, had a snow ball fight and sat in the snow.
I screamed out "SNOW!" My hands were frozen.
It was awesome, it was like a winter wonderland.
After the snow I had a hot chocolate.
It was the best snow day ever!

Monday, August 15, 2011

SNOW by Mikala

On Sunday the 14Th of August . It was the time for the snow to come to Wellington. Me and my sister got our raincoats, gumboots and hats on. We ran outside with a big grin on our faces. First we had a snow ball fight.

We also built a half of a snow man but we  couldn't build the rest because it got ran over by the car in the morning. Then Shane came out and helped to get  more snow from the front yard , because there were huge amounts of snow there.

After that Charlotte from after school care came along. She threw lots of snow balls at us. I tried to throw some at her but my throw was as weak as a turtle, so Shane threw them for me .

Then '' FLASH! '' on went the sensor light so we walked inside. That was the best snow evening ever!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Sister. By Abby Pym

My sister is called Hannah and she has three jobs.
She has to feed the cats, set the table and tidy up.
Hannah loves to play on the trampoline after school and if it's raining we play a family game.
Her eyes are as brown as a bear. 
Her hair is as brown as hazel nut chocolate.
Her freckles are like little fairy kisses.
Her cheeks are as red as a rose.
Her lips are as pink as a pink pansie.
Her favourite clothes are her white t-shirt with flowers and her blue shorts.
I love her and she loves me!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to Term 3 in Room 10!

Today we had a great first day back after 2 weeks holiday. We caught up with each other again, met our new principal, Mr Coleman, and wrote all about our holidays.

This afternoon the class met Noddy although no-one knew at first that that was his name. He belonged to Steve, Ms Rogers husband, and was his favourite toy when he was little. That got us thinking about our favourite toys so we drew pictures of them and wrote down why they are so special to us.

Over the next few weeks the class will be investigating all sorts of different toys from modern times, older times and other places. We will have a go at designing and making toys. During the term we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Money Money Money!

We've been learning about using money in Room 10. We've worked out what all the coins are, which coins are worth more or less than each other, and what coins add together to make $1, $2 and $5. At the moment we're busy selling all the items in our classroom to each other in our little shops. We're getting quite good at giving change back for $1, $2 and $5.
Here are some money and banking related games to play at home or school.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cous Cous the cat!By Abby Pym

Cous Cous is a cat, he's tabby and he's a boy.
He's a very healthy cat, He likes to hunt bugs like weta, geckos, spiders and he rips paper.
He chases birds like fantails and sparrows and he chases some mice too.
Last week we got a cat toy and all day he played with it.
The toy was a rainbow mouse and on the end of it's tail theres a small bell to play with that he loves.
Cous Cous's eyes change color from green to blue when he's in the dark.
His nose is pink like candy floss and his paws are as soft as a fluffy, white cotton bud.
I love him and he loves me.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Science Experiments

Here's an experiment that builds on Anna and Isabella's volcano experiments. Maybe we can do this in class this week.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aria's Yummy Pan Cakes

1. cup
2. flour                 
3. pan
4. flipper
5. bowl
1. Dip the cup into the flour 2 or 3 times .
2. Pour the flour.
3. Grab 4 eggs and crack the 4 eggs on the bowl.
4. Pour all of the mixture into the pan.
5. Turn the oven on to 20 degreas and put the pan on the oven and wait for it to beep 3 times
6. Get some maple syrup out
7. EAT 1. MMM...........

Rocking Roosters

 The  Thunderstorms  all  made  Rocking  Roosters. First  we  painted our paper plates. Next we made a comb and a mouth. They were made out of paper. After that we put the comb and mouth on the rocking rooster. And then feathers on our rocking rooster. After that we all put a tail on.        


Run, Run, Run by Anna

Wow! Today was a big day for everyone at Paremata School because today was Cross Country. It started with the year eight boys then the girls and then the year seven boys then girls and so on until it reached the year one girls. I was in the year three girls and coming fifth. I was very happy.

When Teresa started saying "On your marks, get set, go" was when I had the most butterflies in my tummy. I was scared but I was also ready and then Teresa banged the blocks together making the cue for us to start.

We had to go around the field then we went through the Peace Garden, onto the netball court, past  the dentist, out the gate, across the footpath, in the gate, across the basketball court and all again. When I got back onto the field after the second lap I was exhausted but it hadn't finished there, I still had to run around the field one more time. Then I had ran to the finish line! I was so happy, I walked down to my mum and dad. Then I said, "What a big day!".

Monday, June 13, 2011

How To Make a Soda. by AY

Vanilla Ice cream
Your favourite soft drink
A tall cup
A straw

Step 1
Put a few spoons full of Vanilla ice cream into your cup.

Step 2
Pour your favourite soft drink into your cup.

Mix it with your straw or with a spoon.

Drink it and ENJOY!

By Alexandra Youlden.


What you need
1. card board
2. scissors
3. feathers
4. stapler
5. colouring pensel

STEP1 Get your card board and paint it black,  yellow,  red or orange.
STEP2 When your card board is dry fold it in half.        
STEP3 Draw a beak and a mohawk then stick it on your hen.
STEP4 Staple the beak and  the mohawk on the hen.
STEP5 Get some feathers and stick them on your hen.
STEP6 Get some more feathers and stick them on your hen's tail.                                                                                                                            

Macey's Yummy Smoothie

5 Chocolates
3 Tablespoons of milk
A drop of vanilla essence
2 Tablespoons of ice-cream
Chocolate chip

step1 Drop the chocolate into the blender.

step2 Put the milk the vanilla essence and the ice-cream in the blender.

step3 Turn the blender on.Then taste it mmm... yummy.

step4 Stop the blender. If its nice put it in a nice cup. Maybe with a slice of fruit on the side of the cup.

step5 If you want to you can put in a straw and drink it up mmm... yummy.

My Cross Country by Siobhan

Today is cross country.
You may feel like you have butterflies in your tummy.
You may know why you might have that feeling.
It might be that you are feeling a little nervous.

When it is time to run just run your best and you might not know, you might win.
When I ran in the cross country I ran so fast that I tripped over, but I almost came second.
When I ran in the cross country I was part of the top ten. I came ninth place. So if you can run faster than me then you might come first second or third. You might even come last but it doesn't matter if you come first, second, third or last, you're still a winner to me. In fact everyone is a winner to me. So it really doesn't matter if you come last you're still a winner to your teachers and my teacher is proud of everyone.

You also need to wear your house colours. There are  red, yellow, green, blue, silver and purple. If you are feeling butterflies just run as far as you can around the school.

Every Cross Country you might feel nervous but just run your best and you might win.
So when you get back to your classroom think about next cross country and think if you can beat your cross country record this year.

                                                      BY SIOBHAN
                                                      ROOM 10


Octopus by Quinn

Octopuses have no bones, they only have a beak. Octopuses squeeze themselves between the rocks to hide. Octopuses have eight legs so they can get their food better.

How To Make Toast by Benji

If you would like to have toast for breakfast here are instructions to make it. First you get the toaster out and the butter and bread and a plate. Then you put your toast in the toaster and put the plug in and turn it on. Push the thing that is pointing out down. Then when the toast pops out of the toaster you put it on the plate and spread the butter on the toast and then you can eat it. Yummy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Wonderful Work

Here is the slideshow we played at our assembly last Friday. I was so impressed by the way everyone was so organized and well behaved during the assembly. What a great presentation! Ms Rogers.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rocking Rooster by Tiaki

First  we paint  the paper plate then we waited for one day. Next we cut out the beak.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cross Country

Today it was cross country at Paremata School. Every one had energy and had butterflies in their tummy. First it was the year 8 boys then year 8 girls then year 7 boys then it was year 7 girls then year 6 boys and it keeps going down to year 1 girls. It was really fun and hard and puffed. I was a year 4 boy, it was the hardest thing I have done in my whole entire life but I won the year 4 boys race. I was so tired. They're Maori house colours. There was whero, kahurangi, kowhai, kakariki, papura and hiriwa. I was in whero. I came first and I get to go interschool.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Big Day by Sean

Today was a fun day because it was cross country. I had butterflies in my stomach and I let them out. I ran as fast as I can and I came 11th. I was so happy
Then we did a brain storm.     

Cross Country

Wow what a great day on Wednesday 1st June. Paremata school did their cross country. We had to run around the school two times and around the field two times as well. Everyone was in their house colours like WHERO, KAKARIKI, KOWHAI, HIRIWA, PAPURA and KIKORANGI. I was in kikorangi. For my running I. came fourth.

The Paremata School Cross Country by BM

Wednesday the 1st of June.  What do you think Cross Country is? Well it`s a race that Paremata School does.  We do it in our year groups and it`s very fun to do.  First we heard the school bell ring after morning tea, then we got into our year  lines and cheered the year four boys Benji (from room10!) came 1st horray!!! Then it was the year four girls Milly (from room12) came first.  Cool! Now it`s the year three boys turn to race. Ready steady BANG! Off they go. Wow! Logan (in room 11) came first.  Now for the moment of the day! It was my turn to race but I got a really bad stitch. Ahh!!! But I finished so I came 15th so I ran to my mum and gave her a big hug. "Thank you for coming Mum!"
by Bethany

Cross Country by AP

On Wedndsday the 1st of June it is the Cross  Country.
I'm a bit worried but I'll be fine and I'll try my best and I'm a bit excited.
The Cross Country is about running and getting fit, it's a very tiring thing. It doesn't matter about winning, it matters about having fun.
If you win you get a certificate up to 6th place if you get over 6th you don't get a cetifacit.
The colours are Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple, Silver and Green. I'm in Whero/ Red with Chantelle.
Last year I came 6th and I tried my best.
There are seniors to run with you, lots of people might need some help.

My Cross Country by CM

Wednesday the first of June. Paremata School is running the Cross Country. Lots of children have BIG butterflies including me. Mostly everybody is in there Cross Country colours. Some children are really excited. The Cross Country colours are Blue, Yellow, Purple, Silver, Red and Green. I LOVE CROSS COUNTRY.

Our Cross Country Wordle

Wordle: Paremata Room 10 Post Cross Country Wordle 2011


The day has come! Paremata School is going to host their famous cross country.  First the year 8 boys went then the year 8 girls and so on and so on UNTIL the year 3&4s turn was on. On ran colours like WHERO             KAKARIKI, KOWHAI, KIKORANGI, HIRIWA and PAPURA. Click went the starter bricks "Pace, remember pace," I said. SQUISH, SQUASH went my feet in the mud. I came 15 but it doesn't matter because at least I tried my hardest and I had fun!

Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Make Aimee's beady necklace.

What you need.

1. A peice of string.

2. Some beads of all colours.

What do you do.

1. First you get the string. Tie at knot at one end.

2. Next you get the beads of all colours.

3. Start threading the beads on from the hole in the bead.

4. Tie the ends,  put it on and see what you look like.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011


At Discovery School Room 10 went swimming When we got there we got on our togs and got in the pool. We had to hold on to the rail and do some tests. Room 10 did some kicking and some breathing. First we did free style then we did back stroke and the last thing that we had to do was dolphins. Then we got out and got dried. Then we put on our clothes and got in the car and went to school.

By Harry


Her  hair  is  as  brown  as  silver  bells  and  cockle  shells. She  is  as   kind   as  the  wind .She  is    as  pretty  as  a  princess . Her  job  is  to  be  my  friend . She  is  the  best  friend  I  have ever  had. 

BY KATELYN                                                                                                

How To Brush Your Teeth

What you need.
1.tooth brush.
2.tooth paste.

1.First you get your tooth paste and put it on the tooth brush.

2.Next you brush all  around your teeth until they're nice and clean.

3.Finally you rinse your teeth with water.

                                                            BY RYAN

Swimming on Monday

On Monday we, Room10, went swimming. We each went in a car. I  went in Bridget's car.and we went swimming. At swimming I did backstroke and freestyle and dolphins. To do dolphins you go up and down.

          BY  LAITON. 

How To Clean A Dog. by Isabella

What do you need?
1 A dog
2 A bath tub
4 Shampoo
5 Soap

What do you do?
1. Fill the bath tub with water.
2. Put the soap in the water.
3. Put the dog in the bath.
4. Put shampoo on the dog.
5.  Wash the shampoo off with water.
6. Use a towel to dry the dog off.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Brush Your Teeth

What you need

1. tooth paste
2. tooth brush
3. tap

1.First you get your tooth paste and tooth brush.
2.Put the tooth paste on the tooth brush.
3.Then turn on the tap and put the tooth brush under the tap.
4.Then put the tooth brush in your mouth and scrub your teeth.
5.Then spit it out and rinse your mouth out.

by Benji

Instructions for making Jesper's nice milo


2c milk
2t milo
1 biscuit
2 marshmallow


1.Put the milk in separate cups.
2.Put one of the cups of milk in the fluffer.
3.Put the milo in the secound cup.
4.Put the fluffed milk in the 2nd cup. Make sure you shake it well.
5.Put the cup in the microwave and wait.
6. Add the topping and enjoy!

by Jesper

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Instructions for Growing Your Own Flowers .

You need
1.  a seed
2. watering can
3. soil and barkchips
4. pot

First shovel bark into a pot.
Next pour soil on top of the bark.
After that poke a hole into the soil, not too big or small.
Next cover up the whole.
Now pour water above the covered hole.
Finally put the pot into a  shady spot.

By Hayden Verhoeven and special thanks to MS ROGERS for showing room10 how to plant  SEEDS. YOU ROX!!!! you're number 1!
                                                                               DON'T LEAVE IT OUT  TOO  LONG!

How to Give Sunny Water

What we need

1 water container
2 water
3 cage

What we do

Step 1  Carefully slide the water container off the cage .

Step 2  Clean the water container.

Step 3  Fill the container up with water.

Step 4  Slide the water container back on the cage.

by Mikala

How To Make a Beautiful Necklace

What you need:
  • a piece of string a bit longer than your neck
  • some pretty beads
  • a parent to help you
Step one:  Cut a piece of string a bit longer than your neck tie it at the end.
Step two: Put your pretty beads on your piece of  string. Tie a knot at the end of  your beaded string
Step three: Give your necklace to your parent helper to tie it onto you

By Bethany

Friday, May 6, 2011

How To Feed A Dog

You need
1 a dog bowl
2 dog food
3 a dog
4 a cup

Step1 Find a flat place to put the bowl down.
Step2 Put about 1 or 1 and a half cups of dog food into the dog bowl.
Step3 Wait for the dog to come and eat up it's food.
           If the dog won't eat it's food put a treat in the bottom of the dog bowl.
            Never let the dog eat your food.
                                                 By Anna Shaw

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yesterday before lunch time my reading group & me were reading a story about how to make glue.
At lunch time I got out my sketching book & wrote down the ingredients.
When I got home I showed Mum my sketching book & got out the ingredients that we needed.
What you need:
1. bowl.
2. ( hot) water.
4. fork.
5. a jar
step1 get your bowl and fill it up with hot water.
step2 get some flour & put one cup to put in your bowl.
step3 grab a fork and stir your mixture.
step4 once your glue is nice and gluey poor it into a jar and take it to school tomorrow.

and thats how I made glue.
THURSDAY 5th May 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

15th April 2011- Book Day!

Today was Book Day at Paremata School. That meant everyone got dressed up as a book character and came to school looking a lot different than usual. We were all really excited in the morning when we saw each other! The whole school met in the hall as it was spitting on the netball court. Starting with the junior classes each syndicate paraded around the hall while the rest of the school waved and cheered. The juniors were wild things from Where the Wild Things Are, the year 5 & 6 were characters from the Where's Wally? books. The seniors used the Treaty of Waitangi and The House that Jack Built by Gavin Bishop as their theme. They wore Victorian era Maori and settler costumes. So what were the four Year 3 and 4 classes dressed as? We individually chose our own favourite books and characters. Here we are below. For more photos go to

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maths Website

Here's a site where you can get really quick at remembering basic facts. How many can you get right in one minute?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World Cup Countries

Hayden, Alexandra and Abby wrote in earlier blog posts that our class are studying the countries participating in the Rugby World Cup being held in New Zealand later this year. Each student is researching a country each. They have used books and they have looked on many internet websites.

The information has been really interesting so far, but really there's nothing like communicating with people who actually live in these places. It would be wonderful if we could get in touch with schools or classes from these countries. Does anyone reading this blog have connections in any World Cup countries we could communicate with? Our class are  keen correspondents.

Please leave a comment if you can help us out. Tomorrow the class will leave a list of the countries involved, or you can check here:

Thanks, Ms Rogers

New podcasts from Room 10!

Check out our latest podcasts from Harry, Jesper and Alexandra. They have done a great job of writing their stories, locating or creating images that suit then making their first solo voice recordings. Well done!

We have also made a class recording of a poem called STORM. Alex provided the atmospheric wind sound in the background of the poem. Enjoy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 9- Our Learning

Well  this week  Room 10 have been busy learning about countries such as Italy, Ireland and South Africa .... So Mikala and me are learning about Italy the place where pizza was born. Quinn is studying Australia. Jesper is doing South Africa.

by Hayden 

Room10's week

This week we have been researching about the World Cup and teams from different countries.
We are learning about rugby. There are twenty different teams in the World Cup!
Sometimes we play ripper rugby out on the field at sport time.

By Alexandra and Abby

Zoopz- Fun games that make you think. This link takes you to zoopz. You can challenge yourself with these problem solving games. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New podcasts!

Check out our inaugural  2011 podcasts by Ben and Anna. They have done a great job with their first voice recordings.
Do you like the class stinger that plays before their voices? We will make a few and see which ones people like to listen to. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's All About Us!

We have completed our "It's all about us!"inquiry unit that focussed on getting to know ourselves as learners and looked at how we can work well as a class. We will use these ideas for the rest of the year. We have a movie about 8 different intelligences to complete and possibly some booklet pages. The main ideas were:
  • There are many ways to be smart
  • There are many thinking tools we can use to help us learn
  • We all strive to do our very best
  • We are a community of caring, thinking learners
  • We follow the school values and respect guidelines
  • We are all different but have many things in common
  • We regularly set SMART goals and do our very best to achieve them
We have also added to our 'About Us' and 'Whanau & Friends' pages. You can reach these by clicking the tab at the top of this blog page. What a great start to the year!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Room 12 Paremata

Room 12 here at Paremata School have had their blog up and running for a few weeks now. Their weekly posts let everyone know what's been happening for them that week. Check them out at

Thursday, March 3, 2011



Monkey Business

Here is Montey, our class monkey. Every night Montey goes home with one of the class. The person who takes Montey for a sleepover helps him to write in his diary. The next day they read the diary to the class after we've done the roll and read "What's on Top".  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Room 10 farewells our Principal

Blogging Challenge!

Room 10 has joined edublog's 'Get Blogging' class challenge. We will learn to be effective bloggers which will help us become effective writers.

Many of the skills great bloggers have are the same skills great writers have. For example, using writers tricks such as a catchy heading and breaking writing into paragraphs help our audience engage with our writing more easily.

We will also be able to connect with other blogging classes around the world! Follow these links to find out more about our blogging challenges.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanks Year 9s!

On Wednesday we had several Year 9 students from Aotea College visiting Paremata School who were kind enough to come and help Room 10 with their collage art. Thanks! Your visit was well appreciated by the class. Come in and visit our completed art work in Room 10 next week. We will also post the pictures here once they are finished.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Collage Self Portraits

This week we started making self portraits using torn paper. We chose a colour we liked for the background and ripped up pictures from magazines in that colour. We also used ribbons, flowers and cellophane. Today we started gluing them on our card to make the background. They are starting to look wonderful.

Sunny the Wonderful Flying Bird

Today Sunny flew around the room for the first time this year. We opened the cage slowly. She mucked around in the cage deciding if she wanted to come out. She used her beak as a hook to help her climb.
Sunny flew out of her cage. She flew onto Ms Rogers' head. She bit at Ms Rogers hair and also did a poo. Quinn tidied it up.

She flew from window to window. She bit the cardboard and tapped at the window. She climbed onto the top of her cage and was moving her bell. Sunny was feeling happier than she had felt since last time she got out of her cage. Chantelle felt excited when Ms Rogers said Sunny was coming out and scared when she came out of her cage and was flying everywhere. She was flying really quickly.

Then Ms Rogers gave Sunny 2 more minutes out of her cage and it was time to go back in. Ryan, Benji and some of the others wondered whether if we hold food in our hand it might encourage her to get back into the cage. Finally, after lots of chasing, Ms Rogers finally caught her and popped her back in her cage.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fruit Bats

When I was in Sydney over the New Year I visited the Botanical Gardens. I was quite surprised at how many bats were in the trees there. I remembered that Quinn really loves bats so took a video for him. I was trying to catch them flying, which was so hard to do with an ipod touch!

I found out this week that lots of other children in the class are interested in bats as well. Hayden said he'd seen them in trees in Queensland. Alex is so interested that he borrowed a story book about bats for the weekend from our class library.

Below is a link to the Sydney Botanic Gardens with lots of information about the bats that live there. They are also called flying foxes. I have added my rather shaky video showing lots of little dots in the trees. Those dots are all bats hanging upside down!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Week 2

What a busy week we have had! Our class goal is to get our 'It's all about Us!' booklets completed and our holiday artwork on the walls by the end of school tomorrow. Room 10 have been showing me what amazing students they are and how cooperatively they can work together.
Today everyone was working hard to write a story all about an animal they know really well. We did our 'stand up, hands up, pair up' routine to get our ideas flowing about what kind of animal it was, what it's name is, what it likes to do and what it looks like. Then we brainstormed on paper before writing our stories.  I was absolutely stunned that students so young could write so well. Fantastic efforts by everyone!

Soon some of those stories will appear here or on our podcast blog. It's the same one Room 10 used last year to win first prize in a national school website competition.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Celebrating diversity with Ferdinand the Bull.

 Our second value for Term One at Paremata School is diversity. Today we watched Ferdinand the Bull, a 1938 Disney movie about a little bull who is different from the others. He is quite happy just the way he is. Room 10 thought about people they know who are different from themselves, and people who are similar. Sometimes one person can be both things! Check out our 'It's all about Us!'booklets if you'd like to see our diversity pictures.

Friday, February 4, 2011

End of Week One!

What a great week!
I have been really impressed at all the positive attitudes and excellent learning that has been shown by these students.
We've nearly all finished our artwork and are working hard on our inquiry booklets called "It's all about US".
Next week we'll start working in small groups for some of the time during literacy and maths. Also next week Sunny the class budgie will return to Room 10 and meet all the students.
Have a great weekend, Room 10 people, and I'll see you on Monday.
Ms Rogers.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to Room 10's Blog!

Welcome to Room 10 Paremata School.

We are a class of 24 year 3 & 4 students. Our teacher is Ms Rogers. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you here.

Ms Rogers

Day One!

What a great day we had!
We started with meeting and greeting each other using a fantastic game called 'Stand up, Hands up, Pair up'. This helped us get to know each other a bit. We tossed a hackey sack around to each other as well, remembering to make eye contact and call the catcher's name. This was to help us remember each other's names as we come from many different classes.
After that walked around the school to see where everything was and had a little play on the big fort. "Yay!" said the Year 3 children, as this was their first time being able to play there in school time.
Back in the classroom we moved into a donut shape to talk about our holidays. We remembered to listen well, to speak clearly and to thank our new friends for sharing their stories. After morning tea we began reading 'Charlotte's Web' so there may be a few children going home and asking for a pet pig please.
We spent the rest of the day making our pastel and dye holiday pictures and beginning our 'It's all about us' booklets. Everyone showed what great learners they are during our discussions and independent times.
One thing that is new this year is that we are using a bokashi composting system in Room 10 rather than our traditional worm bins. I'm curious to know how that goes.
All in all it was an absolutely lovely first day and I am really looking forward to tomorrow.
Ms Rogers