Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fruit Bats

When I was in Sydney over the New Year I visited the Botanical Gardens. I was quite surprised at how many bats were in the trees there. I remembered that Quinn really loves bats so took a video for him. I was trying to catch them flying, which was so hard to do with an ipod touch!

I found out this week that lots of other children in the class are interested in bats as well. Hayden said he'd seen them in trees in Queensland. Alex is so interested that he borrowed a story book about bats for the weekend from our class library.

Below is a link to the Sydney Botanic Gardens with lots of information about the bats that live there. They are also called flying foxes. I have added my rather shaky video showing lots of little dots in the trees. Those dots are all bats hanging upside down!

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