Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day One!

What a great day we had!
We started with meeting and greeting each other using a fantastic game called 'Stand up, Hands up, Pair up'. This helped us get to know each other a bit. We tossed a hackey sack around to each other as well, remembering to make eye contact and call the catcher's name. This was to help us remember each other's names as we come from many different classes.
After that walked around the school to see where everything was and had a little play on the big fort. "Yay!" said the Year 3 children, as this was their first time being able to play there in school time.
Back in the classroom we moved into a donut shape to talk about our holidays. We remembered to listen well, to speak clearly and to thank our new friends for sharing their stories. After morning tea we began reading 'Charlotte's Web' so there may be a few children going home and asking for a pet pig please.
We spent the rest of the day making our pastel and dye holiday pictures and beginning our 'It's all about us' booklets. Everyone showed what great learners they are during our discussions and independent times.
One thing that is new this year is that we are using a bokashi composting system in Room 10 rather than our traditional worm bins. I'm curious to know how that goes.
All in all it was an absolutely lovely first day and I am really looking forward to tomorrow.
Ms Rogers

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