Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunny the Wonderful Flying Bird

Today Sunny flew around the room for the first time this year. We opened the cage slowly. She mucked around in the cage deciding if she wanted to come out. She used her beak as a hook to help her climb.
Sunny flew out of her cage. She flew onto Ms Rogers' head. She bit at Ms Rogers hair and also did a poo. Quinn tidied it up.

She flew from window to window. She bit the cardboard and tapped at the window. She climbed onto the top of her cage and was moving her bell. Sunny was feeling happier than she had felt since last time she got out of her cage. Chantelle felt excited when Ms Rogers said Sunny was coming out and scared when she came out of her cage and was flying everywhere. She was flying really quickly.

Then Ms Rogers gave Sunny 2 more minutes out of her cage and it was time to go back in. Ryan, Benji and some of the others wondered whether if we hold food in our hand it might encourage her to get back into the cage. Finally, after lots of chasing, Ms Rogers finally caught her and popped her back in her cage.

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Penny Bentley said...

This is such a cute photo...everyone is smiling, even Sunny!

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