Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cous Cous the cat!By Abby Pym

Cous Cous is a cat, he's tabby and he's a boy.
He's a very healthy cat, He likes to hunt bugs like weta, geckos, spiders and he rips paper.
He chases birds like fantails and sparrows and he chases some mice too.
Last week we got a cat toy and all day he played with it.
The toy was a rainbow mouse and on the end of it's tail theres a small bell to play with that he loves.
Cous Cous's eyes change color from green to blue when he's in the dark.
His nose is pink like candy floss and his paws are as soft as a fluffy, white cotton bud.
I love him and he loves me.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Science Experiments

Here's an experiment that builds on Anna and Isabella's volcano experiments. Maybe we can do this in class this week.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aria's Yummy Pan Cakes

1. cup
2. flour                 
3. pan
4. flipper
5. bowl
1. Dip the cup into the flour 2 or 3 times .
2. Pour the flour.
3. Grab 4 eggs and crack the 4 eggs on the bowl.
4. Pour all of the mixture into the pan.
5. Turn the oven on to 20 degreas and put the pan on the oven and wait for it to beep 3 times
6. Get some maple syrup out
7. EAT 1. MMM...........

Rocking Roosters

 The  Thunderstorms  all  made  Rocking  Roosters. First  we  painted our paper plates. Next we made a comb and a mouth. They were made out of paper. After that we put the comb and mouth on the rocking rooster. And then feathers on our rocking rooster. After that we all put a tail on.        


Run, Run, Run by Anna

Wow! Today was a big day for everyone at Paremata School because today was Cross Country. It started with the year eight boys then the girls and then the year seven boys then girls and so on until it reached the year one girls. I was in the year three girls and coming fifth. I was very happy.

When Teresa started saying "On your marks, get set, go" was when I had the most butterflies in my tummy. I was scared but I was also ready and then Teresa banged the blocks together making the cue for us to start.

We had to go around the field then we went through the Peace Garden, onto the netball court, past  the dentist, out the gate, across the footpath, in the gate, across the basketball court and all again. When I got back onto the field after the second lap I was exhausted but it hadn't finished there, I still had to run around the field one more time. Then I had ran to the finish line! I was so happy, I walked down to my mum and dad. Then I said, "What a big day!".

Monday, June 13, 2011

How To Make a Soda. by AY

Vanilla Ice cream
Your favourite soft drink
A tall cup
A straw

Step 1
Put a few spoons full of Vanilla ice cream into your cup.

Step 2
Pour your favourite soft drink into your cup.

Mix it with your straw or with a spoon.

Drink it and ENJOY!

By Alexandra Youlden.


What you need
1. card board
2. scissors
3. feathers
4. stapler
5. colouring pensel

STEP1 Get your card board and paint it black,  yellow,  red or orange.
STEP2 When your card board is dry fold it in half.        
STEP3 Draw a beak and a mohawk then stick it on your hen.
STEP4 Staple the beak and  the mohawk on the hen.
STEP5 Get some feathers and stick them on your hen.
STEP6 Get some more feathers and stick them on your hen's tail.                                                                                                                            

Macey's Yummy Smoothie

5 Chocolates
3 Tablespoons of milk
A drop of vanilla essence
2 Tablespoons of ice-cream
Chocolate chip

step1 Drop the chocolate into the blender.

step2 Put the milk the vanilla essence and the ice-cream in the blender.

step3 Turn the blender on.Then taste it mmm... yummy.

step4 Stop the blender. If its nice put it in a nice cup. Maybe with a slice of fruit on the side of the cup.

step5 If you want to you can put in a straw and drink it up mmm... yummy.

My Cross Country by Siobhan

Today is cross country.
You may feel like you have butterflies in your tummy.
You may know why you might have that feeling.
It might be that you are feeling a little nervous.

When it is time to run just run your best and you might not know, you might win.
When I ran in the cross country I ran so fast that I tripped over, but I almost came second.
When I ran in the cross country I was part of the top ten. I came ninth place. So if you can run faster than me then you might come first second or third. You might even come last but it doesn't matter if you come first, second, third or last, you're still a winner to me. In fact everyone is a winner to me. So it really doesn't matter if you come last you're still a winner to your teachers and my teacher is proud of everyone.

You also need to wear your house colours. There are  red, yellow, green, blue, silver and purple. If you are feeling butterflies just run as far as you can around the school.

Every Cross Country you might feel nervous but just run your best and you might win.
So when you get back to your classroom think about next cross country and think if you can beat your cross country record this year.

                                                      BY SIOBHAN
                                                      ROOM 10


Octopus by Quinn

Octopuses have no bones, they only have a beak. Octopuses squeeze themselves between the rocks to hide. Octopuses have eight legs so they can get their food better.

How To Make Toast by Benji

If you would like to have toast for breakfast here are instructions to make it. First you get the toaster out and the butter and bread and a plate. Then you put your toast in the toaster and put the plug in and turn it on. Push the thing that is pointing out down. Then when the toast pops out of the toaster you put it on the plate and spread the butter on the toast and then you can eat it. Yummy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Wonderful Work

Here is the slideshow we played at our assembly last Friday. I was so impressed by the way everyone was so organized and well behaved during the assembly. What a great presentation! Ms Rogers.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rocking Rooster by Tiaki

First  we paint  the paper plate then we waited for one day. Next we cut out the beak.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cross Country

Today it was cross country at Paremata School. Every one had energy and had butterflies in their tummy. First it was the year 8 boys then year 8 girls then year 7 boys then it was year 7 girls then year 6 boys and it keeps going down to year 1 girls. It was really fun and hard and puffed. I was a year 4 boy, it was the hardest thing I have done in my whole entire life but I won the year 4 boys race. I was so tired. They're Maori house colours. There was whero, kahurangi, kowhai, kakariki, papura and hiriwa. I was in whero. I came first and I get to go interschool.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Big Day by Sean

Today was a fun day because it was cross country. I had butterflies in my stomach and I let them out. I ran as fast as I can and I came 11th. I was so happy
Then we did a brain storm.     

Cross Country

Wow what a great day on Wednesday 1st June. Paremata school did their cross country. We had to run around the school two times and around the field two times as well. Everyone was in their house colours like WHERO, KAKARIKI, KOWHAI, HIRIWA, PAPURA and KIKORANGI. I was in kikorangi. For my running I. came fourth.

The Paremata School Cross Country by BM

Wednesday the 1st of June.  What do you think Cross Country is? Well it`s a race that Paremata School does.  We do it in our year groups and it`s very fun to do.  First we heard the school bell ring after morning tea, then we got into our year  lines and cheered the year four boys Benji (from room10!) came 1st horray!!! Then it was the year four girls Milly (from room12) came first.  Cool! Now it`s the year three boys turn to race. Ready steady BANG! Off they go. Wow! Logan (in room 11) came first.  Now for the moment of the day! It was my turn to race but I got a really bad stitch. Ahh!!! But I finished so I came 15th so I ran to my mum and gave her a big hug. "Thank you for coming Mum!"
by Bethany

Cross Country by AP

On Wedndsday the 1st of June it is the Cross  Country.
I'm a bit worried but I'll be fine and I'll try my best and I'm a bit excited.
The Cross Country is about running and getting fit, it's a very tiring thing. It doesn't matter about winning, it matters about having fun.
If you win you get a certificate up to 6th place if you get over 6th you don't get a cetifacit.
The colours are Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple, Silver and Green. I'm in Whero/ Red with Chantelle.
Last year I came 6th and I tried my best.
There are seniors to run with you, lots of people might need some help.

My Cross Country by CM

Wednesday the first of June. Paremata School is running the Cross Country. Lots of children have BIG butterflies including me. Mostly everybody is in there Cross Country colours. Some children are really excited. The Cross Country colours are Blue, Yellow, Purple, Silver, Red and Green. I LOVE CROSS COUNTRY.

Our Cross Country Wordle

Wordle: Paremata Room 10 Post Cross Country Wordle 2011


The day has come! Paremata School is going to host their famous cross country.  First the year 8 boys went then the year 8 girls and so on and so on UNTIL the year 3&4s turn was on. On ran colours like WHERO             KAKARIKI, KOWHAI, KIKORANGI, HIRIWA and PAPURA. Click went the starter bricks "Pace, remember pace," I said. SQUISH, SQUASH went my feet in the mud. I came 15 but it doesn't matter because at least I tried my hardest and I had fun!