Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to Make a Book Mark! By AY

You need:
  • Some cardboard
  • Felts
  • Glue
  • Decorations
  • A pencil
  • A black marker
  • Some stickers if you don't have any decorations
Step 1
Grab a piece of cardboard.

Step 2
Draw something on your cardboard, something amazing so it will stand out.

Step 3
Go over the pencil with the black marker so it's darker.

Step 4
Put some glue on the back of your decorations or put some stickers on

Step 5
stick on your decorations or stickers onto your piece of cardboard.

Step 6
Wait for it to dry.

Step 7
Put your bookmark into your book and ENJOY!

How To Make A Cat Mask

You will need:
A paper plate
Coloured paper 
 PVA Glue
six strips of black paper

Step one.Glue the coloured paper to the paper plate and let it dry for ten minutes.

Step two.Poke two eye holes in the middle of the paper plate with the scissors.

Step three.Use the glue to glue on three stripes of black paper on each side of the cat mask and let it dry for five minutes.

Step four. Enjoy!

Best day ever at Nga Manu

On Wenesday the eighth of June 2011 the Paremata Science group year 3 and 4 went to Kapiti  Coast  Museum  and Nga Manu by car.

First we went too Kapiti Coast Museum, we played the Piano, it was fun!

Then we went to Nga Manu and got to touch a Tuatara. It was smooth and bumpy.

Next we ate some morning tea than met Pat that was going to do the feeding tour with us except for the eel tour.

We fed a lot of birds, and we fed Tuatara ,and mice .

Some of the birds landed on our heads it was FREAKY .

At the end of the day we went to the eels and all of us touched an eel ''it was slimy''

It was a long  way to Paremata school I felt a bit car sick but I'm all right.

Rocking Rooster by Ryan

The Thunderstorms made a rocking rooster last week in Room10.

First we painted the plate then we let the rocking rooster dry for a day or two days. Then we cut the mohawk and beak and coloured them in with orange or yellow.

After it dried we folded the plate in half. Then we stapled the beak on the rocking rooster and the mohawk on the rocking rooster.

Then get some glue and stick the feathers on the rocking rooster and get real feathers and put them on the rocking rooster.

Finally it's ready to go and it rocked  really well.

                                        by Ryan

How To Look After A Budgie By Aimee

Firstly you have to get a cage, some food and a beak sharperner for the budgie to sharpen his or her beak. Put two, one, three, four or five toys into the cage for the budgie to play with.
Secondly you buy the budgie but make sure all the windows and doors are closed.
Then you put the budgie into the cage inside the house.
Next you make sure that the budgie is safe.
Facts about the budgie. A budgie is a type of bird. It can't look after itself. It likes humans.


Snow attack ! hayden

Snow attack.
      Wow what an amazing Sunday I had !
In the evening as I  was playing playstaition ( or ps2 for short )
All of a sudden the power went out. I got out  the spare candles and I pulled back the curtains & saw the most amazing site .It was snowing  in Aotea for the first time ever.

Not just Aotea but ... Papokowhai, Paremata, Abbey way, Pukarua Bay,Whitby. All  over New Zeland it was snowing.

Jozua, Anika and I ran outside, started  snowballs and threw them. I made a GIANT  snowball and was going to throw  it at the window but it hit the camera instead.

                                                                   SNOW ATTACK! part 2
At 11 : 30 am on the 15.8.11  (Monday 15 of August ) it started to sleet.The sleek is very small snow.
NOW at 2:30 pm at Paremata School. It's hailing snow and room 10 is saying "IT'S SNOWING!''
The degrees have been 0, 3, 8,9, 5 .
The end of.........SNOW ATTACK weather report written by Hayden.v

Adventure Snow Day At Paramata School By Macey

The snow is as deep as a length pool. I feel as funny  as a clown holding ice. I feel frozen like a statue. It is fun. Snow is as white as a puffy cloud. The snowflakes look so beautiful like the sunset. I love the snow it make's me excited. I don't know how to tell you- that's how much I love the snow. It is awesome! If you have taken photos good job. Go to the photo shop now come on quickly if you do it now you will never forget! Take a photo of the sky it look's interesting for me because it looks like gumballs falling from the sky. I like it, it's pretty cool. I can't stop thinking about the snow.

Why Is lego cool ?


I  was wondering why is lego so cool. You  know they  come in sets like HEROICO, HARRY.POTTER, NINJAGO, CITY, SPONGEBOB, CARS, ATLANTIS, STARWARS AND MORE! My favourite set is starwars. The charcters are Ahsoka, R2D2, HAN SOLO and LUKE SKYWALKER.

snowy fun by siobhan

On Sunday it started snowing heavily. Mum said that we could go out and play in the snow.So we got on snow pants, snow boots, a snow jacket and gloves.Then we ran outside jumped on the trampoline and started a snow ball fight. It started to get a little boring so I told Conor and he agreed with me so we pretended to ice skate around the tramp but we slipped a few times. Then Catriona and Thomina came out to join in with the fun. Soon Sarah, Johnny, Mark and Mum all came outside to watch us play in the snow on the trampoline. Mummy thought it was great because we were interrupted by the snow and went out to play in it so we didn't cause any naughtiness.
Then she got out her camera and took a photo of us on the trampoline playing in the snow.

My Birthday by Laiton

On saturday it was my birthday. I invited Ryan, Sam, Harry, Sean and Benji. I had a sleep over. Ryan bought me a bay blade and Sam bought bumblebee. We went to H20X. When we got there I went down the black slide. It was pitch dark. That was fun. Then I went down the blue slide. It was as blue like the sea and as blue like the sky. When we came back we had fish and chips

Why we shouldn't have to wear school uniforms. By Anna

People say that uniforms are a great idea, we don't need to choose our clothes and the adults say, our kids don't ask "Is there any washing?", but I say the opposite.

In my opinion school uniforms look weird because you're wearing the same thing as everyone else. I think it looks funny if you're standing there with the whole class wearing them. Imagine if it got so big that your parents had to wear a uniform to drop you off! On picture day I would so not want to have a class photo because the uniforms look silly!

My second reason why I think we shouldn't have to wear a school uniform is because you can't choose what to wear, you have no freedom. For example you might have a new top wich you want to show your friends but you can't because of those silly school uniforms. I must say to those of you who want uniforms wouldn't you get sick of the clothes? I mean, you would be wearing the same thing every day.

My last reason why I think we shouldn't have school uniforms is, because they really are a waste of money and we don't need them. You can wear the clothes your mum's already bought for you instead of wasting more money on a uniform. If you kept on getting your uniform stained you would have to buy more uniforms and you wouldn't have any more money. Lastly if the uniform was too much you wouldn't have any more money to get into the scchool.

Now do you agree with me? 

Why Would we wear a school uniform?

Some people in room 10 think a school uniform would be great! But I think a bit differently.

In my opinion Paremata School should not have to wear a school uniform because we will grow out of them and that won`t be nice to wear anymore. 

My second reason for you is that school uniforms are normally all black and I love my clothes and bright colours... not black!

Thirdly, teachers wear them too! So it`s a bit confusing to know your own teacher and classroom because everybody looks like twins!

My 4th reason is that you would look really weird and silly in the idol because you would be singing or dancing in a school uniform.
-I don`t want to be like that.

So there are some reasons about why we shouldn`t wear a school uniform.
Remember that all teachers!

By Bethany

School Uniform by Siobhan

Some people say that we should  wear school uniform so we don't have search through our drawers for something to wear. In my opinion we should wear school uniforms.

My second reason is you might get your normal clothes dirty and you don't want to come home home with dirty clothes do you ?

How about going to a party in your dirty clothes GROSS! no one will play with you COME ON!!!!!!

If you are going to a party and you are wearing dirty clothes your mum or dad might drive you right there but if you are wearing school uniform you can go home and get changed before it starts.

I think school uniforms are great don't you think? Going to a praty with dirty clothes? Are you crazy people! Go home and and get changed if you're dirty!
Wear school uniform to keep our normal clothes clean!

Casey! By Abby

Before I was born my family had a cat called Casey.
She was a silver tabby and she had green eyes.
She was even alive when my sixteen year old sister was a baby.
I think in cat years she was thirteen and in human years she was seventy three.
When I was three she had a disease and it got really bad so we had to put her down.
When we're out in the garden we always talk to her.

I Think I Should Get A Dog. By Abby

Some people say that a dog is a pest, mucky and dirty but I'm so not like that.
In my opinion I think I should get a dog.
I can take care of the dog, I can take my dog for walks, I bath my dog and feed the dog.
If I'm allowed to I will name my dog, if it's a boy I'll call it Rex and if it's a girl I'll call it Gracy or Hayley.
If my friend has a dog I would make a puppy play day and I will talk to my friend while they play.
I'll play with them too.
So that's why I think I should get a dog.

My Dancy Disco and Snowy Sunday By Alexandra

On Saturday night my dad drove the family to the disco, he stayed!
When I walked in I saw Mikala and Macey, we danced and Macey got a chance to see Courtney my baby sister who is 3 years old.
I bought two packets of lollies to share with my friends Macey and Mikala
Then we had a dance competition, after the dance competition a friend of Milly's won.
I went over to my dad sitting on a chair, I gave him a hug and he whispered I think you were better.
Macey and I ran to get a tattoo, I got two colourful lips that says kiss inside it and a yellow and orange rose.
I  also got two hearts and a bright love tattoo saying LOVE  with a heart beside it.
We danced and danced, when the disco finished Troy, Jessica, Courtney and I raced to sit in the front of the car, Jessica won!
Just before we left my dad asked if he could have three bright, colourful glow sticks so I gave him some to him and he hung them up on the mirror so people knew that we had been to the disco.
On Sunday at 3:00pm my sister was grading, she was grading to her yellow belt .
Before her grading I asked my dad if I could watch her,  My dad said "yes" I gave him a big hug .
Before we drove there I packed some food so I wouldn't starve to death.
When we arrived Jessica got her yellow belt but she wasn't allowed to wear it because she had to do the grading first and get a certificate.
After Jessica's grading it was snowing .
Then people came for Tournament Training I was one of them.
Before the class started we played snowball fights, we keeped on running in and out, in and out until the class started .
After our warm up our sensei ( our teacher ) told us it was to dangerous with all the snow on the Road so we left early but next week we have to do 5:00pm till 8:00pm instead of 5:30pm till 7:30pm.
When we were driving we saw a blue flame and my dad said "Wow that was a Transformer explosion " We drove slowly to our house but the whole neighbourhood had no electricty.
My dad went up our steep drive way to cheek but we didn't have any.
We drove down to my mum's work and told her what had happened .
We had dinner there, we had chips, fish, rice, chicken, vegetables and some soy sauce"yum".