Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Dancy Disco and Snowy Sunday By Alexandra

On Saturday night my dad drove the family to the disco, he stayed!
When I walked in I saw Mikala and Macey, we danced and Macey got a chance to see Courtney my baby sister who is 3 years old.
I bought two packets of lollies to share with my friends Macey and Mikala
Then we had a dance competition, after the dance competition a friend of Milly's won.
I went over to my dad sitting on a chair, I gave him a hug and he whispered I think you were better.
Macey and I ran to get a tattoo, I got two colourful lips that says kiss inside it and a yellow and orange rose.
I  also got two hearts and a bright love tattoo saying LOVE  with a heart beside it.
We danced and danced, when the disco finished Troy, Jessica, Courtney and I raced to sit in the front of the car, Jessica won!
Just before we left my dad asked if he could have three bright, colourful glow sticks so I gave him some to him and he hung them up on the mirror so people knew that we had been to the disco.
On Sunday at 3:00pm my sister was grading, she was grading to her yellow belt .
Before her grading I asked my dad if I could watch her,  My dad said "yes" I gave him a big hug .
Before we drove there I packed some food so I wouldn't starve to death.
When we arrived Jessica got her yellow belt but she wasn't allowed to wear it because she had to do the grading first and get a certificate.
After Jessica's grading it was snowing .
Then people came for Tournament Training I was one of them.
Before the class started we played snowball fights, we keeped on running in and out, in and out until the class started .
After our warm up our sensei ( our teacher ) told us it was to dangerous with all the snow on the Road so we left early but next week we have to do 5:00pm till 8:00pm instead of 5:30pm till 7:30pm.
When we were driving we saw a blue flame and my dad said "Wow that was a Transformer explosion " We drove slowly to our house but the whole neighbourhood had no electricty.
My dad went up our steep drive way to cheek but we didn't have any.
We drove down to my mum's work and told her what had happened .
We had dinner there, we had chips, fish, rice, chicken, vegetables and some soy sauce"yum".

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