Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snow attack ! hayden

Snow attack.
      Wow what an amazing Sunday I had !
In the evening as I  was playing playstaition ( or ps2 for short )
All of a sudden the power went out. I got out  the spare candles and I pulled back the curtains & saw the most amazing site .It was snowing  in Aotea for the first time ever.

Not just Aotea but ... Papokowhai, Paremata, Abbey way, Pukarua Bay,Whitby. All  over New Zeland it was snowing.

Jozua, Anika and I ran outside, started  snowballs and threw them. I made a GIANT  snowball and was going to throw  it at the window but it hit the camera instead.

                                                                   SNOW ATTACK! part 2
At 11 : 30 am on the 15.8.11  (Monday 15 of August ) it started to sleet.The sleek is very small snow.
NOW at 2:30 pm at Paremata School. It's hailing snow and room 10 is saying "IT'S SNOWING!''
The degrees have been 0, 3, 8,9, 5 .
The end of.........SNOW ATTACK weather report written by Hayden.v

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