Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why we shouldn't have to wear school uniforms. By Anna

People say that uniforms are a great idea, we don't need to choose our clothes and the adults say, our kids don't ask "Is there any washing?", but I say the opposite.

In my opinion school uniforms look weird because you're wearing the same thing as everyone else. I think it looks funny if you're standing there with the whole class wearing them. Imagine if it got so big that your parents had to wear a uniform to drop you off! On picture day I would so not want to have a class photo because the uniforms look silly!

My second reason why I think we shouldn't have to wear a school uniform is because you can't choose what to wear, you have no freedom. For example you might have a new top wich you want to show your friends but you can't because of those silly school uniforms. I must say to those of you who want uniforms wouldn't you get sick of the clothes? I mean, you would be wearing the same thing every day.

My last reason why I think we shouldn't have school uniforms is, because they really are a waste of money and we don't need them. You can wear the clothes your mum's already bought for you instead of wasting more money on a uniform. If you kept on getting your uniform stained you would have to buy more uniforms and you wouldn't have any more money. Lastly if the uniform was too much you wouldn't have any more money to get into the scchool.

Now do you agree with me? 

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Anonymous said...

you dont have to in america because we live at a free country no one has to tell u what to wear and also because kids like to express themselves through what they wear. it takes away their form of exprssion. also teenagers have their own unique style and they should be able to show this.

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