Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Would we wear a school uniform?

Some people in room 10 think a school uniform would be great! But I think a bit differently.

In my opinion Paremata School should not have to wear a school uniform because we will grow out of them and that won`t be nice to wear anymore. 

My second reason for you is that school uniforms are normally all black and I love my clothes and bright colours... not black!

Thirdly, teachers wear them too! So it`s a bit confusing to know your own teacher and classroom because everybody looks like twins!

My 4th reason is that you would look really weird and silly in the idol because you would be singing or dancing in a school uniform.
-I don`t want to be like that.

So there are some reasons about why we shouldn`t wear a school uniform.
Remember that all teachers!

By Bethany

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