Tuesday, September 6, 2011

snowy fun by siobhan

On Sunday it started snowing heavily. Mum said that we could go out and play in the snow.So we got on snow pants, snow boots, a snow jacket and gloves.Then we ran outside jumped on the trampoline and started a snow ball fight. It started to get a little boring so I told Conor and he agreed with me so we pretended to ice skate around the tramp but we slipped a few times. Then Catriona and Thomina came out to join in with the fun. Soon Sarah, Johnny, Mark and Mum all came outside to watch us play in the snow on the trampoline. Mummy thought it was great because we were interrupted by the snow and went out to play in it so we didn't cause any naughtiness.
Then she got out her camera and took a photo of us on the trampoline playing in the snow.

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