Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taylor Allison Swift!

Have you ever heard of a country singer who sings like she`s crazy, well I already have!
Taylor Swift looks like a blooming flower in the spring warmth. (sun)  Taylor`s beautiful hair is as blond as Anna`s hair and as curly as the sea`s waves.  Her clothes are as stunning as her own self .  This WONDERFUL young lady`s eyes are not like any other singers eyes they are individual blue eyes just like Wellington rain.
Taylor Swift is certainly from America because thats how she sounds on her C.Ds, itunes and on the radio.(Of course!!)
This country singers favourite hobbies to do are to go boating, SING and to watch lots of movies. I think I am just like her.
Her personality is is kind because because she sounds like it.  She is also caring and joyful to sing along to. BUT MOSTLY HER PERSONALITY IS BRIGHT!!!
Taylor is successful on her awesome singing and her fabulous video clips too.
Taylor was born on the 13th of December 1989-bet you didn`t know that!
Taylor`s favourite thing to sing about is love and I didn`t know I`d say this but her favourite song is "Can`t tell me nothin" by Tim Mcgraw.  I thought her favourite song would be one of her own. So it`s very weird thinking about that.
She is 5`11 feet tall.
The Swift`s currently live in a beautiful home in Wyomissing in Teneessee but Taylor was born in Wyomissing in Pennsylvsa.
Plus her favourite colour is white. I think it is very weird because most people like purple, red, yellow, green or blue and all sorts of other mixed colours.
I feel happy and very excited when I hear her music.
Taylor is the best country singer I could think of!!!

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