Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toys, Games and Puppets

This term for inquiry learning we've been learning all about toys. We've looked a what a toy is and what sorts of toys there are, We've graphed our favourite toys and found that the most popular sorts of favourite toy in room 10 are soft toys. We photographed our special toys and wrote stories about them.

Last week we made sets of mancala, a very ancient board game, out of egg cartons, yoghurt pots, paint and glitter. Next week we are going to gift 10 games to the junior classes and teach them how to play.

Last week we also started learning about puppets, a sort of toy that can be used to act out stories. So far we've made rod puppets, finger puppets and 'tickle' puppets, puppets that use our fingers as their legs. Next we'll make string puppets, balloon puppets and have a go at making marionettes.

Today we made up stories and used our puppets to present them to the class. We had to think up a beginning, a middle and an ending for our stories. We had to remember to face the audience, to make our voices clear, to know our parts really well and to try to keep ourselves hidden while the puppets were on stage.

We used this PotterPuppetPals puppet show as inspiration for a quality puppet presentation.

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Room 12 Paremata School said...

We enjoyed watching the Potter Puppets. We look forward to watching your own puppet shows!

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