Monday, August 15, 2011

SNOW by Mikala

On Sunday the 14Th of August . It was the time for the snow to come to Wellington. Me and my sister got our raincoats, gumboots and hats on. We ran outside with a big grin on our faces. First we had a snow ball fight.

We also built a half of a snow man but we  couldn't build the rest because it got ran over by the car in the morning. Then Shane came out and helped to get  more snow from the front yard , because there were huge amounts of snow there.

After that Charlotte from after school care came along. She threw lots of snow balls at us. I tried to throw some at her but my throw was as weak as a turtle, so Shane threw them for me .

Then '' FLASH! '' on went the sensor light so we walked inside. That was the best snow evening ever!

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