Friday, April 15, 2011

15th April 2011- Book Day!

Today was Book Day at Paremata School. That meant everyone got dressed up as a book character and came to school looking a lot different than usual. We were all really excited in the morning when we saw each other! The whole school met in the hall as it was spitting on the netball court. Starting with the junior classes each syndicate paraded around the hall while the rest of the school waved and cheered. The juniors were wild things from Where the Wild Things Are, the year 5 & 6 were characters from the Where's Wally? books. The seniors used the Treaty of Waitangi and The House that Jack Built by Gavin Bishop as their theme. They wore Victorian era Maori and settler costumes. So what were the four Year 3 and 4 classes dressed as? We individually chose our own favourite books and characters. Here we are below. For more photos go to

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